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Default OT : How Long Should Children Live with Their Parents?

So, I was talking with some people from college the other day and this came up.

One person believed that children should be forced out as soon as they have a full-time job, even if they are in a great amount of debt (school) and regardless of age. They felt that it “built character” as they would appreciate things more having struggled to get by.

Another person disagreed with this approach and believed that children should be allowed to live at home until they are financially able to leave on their own or they get married/move in with someone. Their reasoning was that their child had no reason to struggle when they are in a position to help them. So why would they want them too?

I thought it was interesting, as I’m getting too the age where I’ll be leaving home shortly but my parents would never “force” me to leave. I’m also in a large amount of debt due to University and my parents are of the belief that since they couldn’t help me with school, I should be able to stay with them until the financial burden is less strenuous.

Person one disagreed with this perception strongly, which made me feel rather lucky to be honest. It also left me wondering how many other people feel that way.

So, what side are you on?
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