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Default Piston draft prospects

I thought I'd get a thread going. Looks like we'll be late lottery. Who do you guys like there? Some players of interest

Sullinger - likely gone, but I see him as a better passing Paul Milsap. He will struggle defensively, but I think he'd be a great 25-30 minute PF off the bench if Monroe is the starter at PF(but moving to C often).

Kanter - Again, likely gone, but he's my #1 or 2 target(Irving). Great basketball IQ, smooth offensive game and not afraid to get tough and physical. ESPN called him a taller Al Horford.

John Henson - has the length, athleticism and defensive accumen we need at Pf next to Monroe. Not very strong,but similar to Ed Davis last year, though Davis is better probably.

Markieff Morris - A tough, athletic big man. Very good rebounder and defender, won't ever have much polish offensively.

Darrius Morris - I threw him on here partially because he's a local guy, but I love him for the Pistons personally. I do NOT think he leaves this year at all, don't get me wrong. I definitely don't want him to leave either. However, he has the size/length Joe likes in his guards and he is a pass first PG, or at least turning into one. He is also developing as a shooter and it appears he will only get better. I tihnk he's everything we are missing at the point. Not ready yet, but if he comes out I'd rather snag him now and wait a yaer for him to develop. Who else is a better prospect at the point this year besides Irving?

Who else you guys like?
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