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Default Re: OT : How Long Should Children Live with Their Parents?

I'm asian, so my parents paid off my entire college tuiton. I lived at home for 6 months post-graduation and commuted to work, but I recently moved out to cut down the travel time. I still go home once every two weeks....for food and laundry.

Anyways, in the asian culture, family is very important (especially for the elderly). My grandmother has lived with my parents for the past....oh, I dunno....20+ years? Its a pain in the ass for my mom particularly. The same will probably apply to me with my parents, although I forsee them moving into one of our other houses. For the distant future, I plan to pay for my kids education and provided shelter as long as they dont slack off. University/professional degrees exponentially increase earning potential, so they'll be better off in the end.
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