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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

This year, I think any position is a possibility for us. Stuckey/Prince might both be S+T bait, and we only have developing young players at the 3(Daye) and then Monroe, who can start at the 4 or 5.

John Henson would be an interesting fit next to Monroe. He is super freaky long, and doesn't follow that often. Down the stretch he showed more intensity going for rebounds. Our front court would be rail thing, but it might be a fit.

Terrence Jones might be available for us. To me, he is a poor man's Josh Smith/Lamar Odom merged together. He'd be a combo forward. Might make a decent forward rotation if we're stuck with Charlie V forever. Daye could play the 3, Terrence the 4. Then Charlie the first forward off the bench, with either Daye/Jones staying at the 3. I wouldn't mind this pick, I like Jones a lot more than Aminu from last year, but I hated Aminu (there were rumors he was our target).

I think Kemba Walker is a possibility if we're giving up on Rodney or find a good trade partner (Stuckey + Prince for Jeff Green?). I don't like Kemba Walker as a pro player. I think he could be good, but I don't think he's a guy that'll be a championship type player. He could be exciting though, but our backcourt would be very short with Walker / Gordon. I guess I wouldn't be overly upset with Kemba, as even though he picked up his scoring volume this year, he showed (some) signs of improving efficiency as well.

Kawhi Leonard I think is an interesting prospect too. Reminds of Paul George in that he came slightly out of no where to a near lock for a top 12 pick. He'd play the 4 with Daye at the three. I'd be okay with us going with Leonard. We won't have any intimidators inside with Leonard/Monroe starting, but Leonard is an energy guy. Him and Jerebko could be very annoying to play against. If he could learn to shoot decently, he could be a real weapon for some team.

Just some thoughts...
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