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Default Re: OT : How Long Should Children Live with Their Parents?

Not for nothing, some American households are so, what's the word, greedy? If I were a parent I would want to keep my kid in my house as long as possible, if he/she was doing the right thing. You know, having a job or going to school, or something that's at least productive. And that's the way my parents are and my family/culture is in general.

My cousin is trying to get his masters and he's I believe 26, and my aunt and uncle have been supporting him his whole life and even bought him an apartment and helped him pay for his wedding (they probably paid for the whole thing). And this is in "developing country", let along in a place in Long Island (where I live) where the average house goes for 400k (a decent one at least)

No wonder you guys put your parents in retirement homes, it's just revenge for your parents kicking out of your house.
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