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Default Re: OT : How Long Should Children Live with Their Parents?

I dont think I will be in any debt as long as I manage my money well and not spend it on so much crap. Also, save up money by reffing soccer games and getting a job somewhere this summer and not get a credit card. If my parents found out i got a credit card then its community college for me so i dont want that.

I wont have to be paying any student loans due to the texas tomorrow fund my parents invested in. Instead of paying the presetn 20,000 dollar tuition of A&M right now, my parents only have to pay 8,000 dollar tuition of A&M because they started it when I was 8 and thats how much it was.

If i do the above and save up enough money during internships then I wont have to move back in with my parents after i graduate.
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