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Default Re: Blake Griffin goes off after a flagrant foul

Originally Posted by 2swift4u
I can see why he's pissed, although he goes at the wrong guy in this sequence. it was Meeks who fouled him hard..

still he should try to stay cool.. good players get hacked all the time. Dwight got hit in his eye pretty badly a couple of weeks ago and stayed cool, Lebron gets hit in the face very often, still I've never seen him go at the other guy..

Sure must be frustrating to get fouled hard that often, but he needs to stay cool!!

I agree I kinda chuckled when he went after wrong dude. I think he was seeing red at that point. Plus even though Battie was trying to save his fall.. he did push Blake to the floor and Blake was already pissed from the slap. BTW... Dwight is the only player who receives so many hard fouls and nobody tackles him as often as they do Blake. Maybe because Dwight will retaliate with a nice elbow to the face?

I agree he needs to stay cool but he has. He's made it 65+ games before snapping a little bit like this and he's been hit in the face and fouled hard like this all season long.. at least a couple times a game. From the first couple times it happened.. I said to myself he needs to get a nasty edge like Rodman.. Malone or Shaq. Make it clear that he's not going to put up with this shit.

Kenyon Martin when asked about this happening to Blake Griffin said "He needs to defend himself. The reason nobody did this to me is because they knew I'd retaliate".
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