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Default Re: The "We want Jeff Van Gundy" Thread

I thought Jeff was a good coach.

He was a Riley disciple, and pretty much had some Riley type players.

I would take a 91 -83 game any day of the week, as long as we have the 91.

My only beef with him is that he quit.

Now If he had quit, and then coached years later, or never again, I would have thought it was personal reasons, and I can respect that.

But he turned around and coached another team with only a one year break, and I can't recall him ever addressing why he left.

I know why Riley left, he wanted some of the Knicks "pie".

And people call him a "rat" for that.

If it was the ownership, finish out the season, then walk if need be.

I think Jeff saw his well running dry and bailed, and I don't respect that at all.

I have heard it had upper mgt issues to it, but that's more rumor than fact, and if it's true what make anyone think he'd come back then?
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