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Default Re: Why doesnt Lebron attack the paint anymore(lost capability?)

because he's on a team with Wade so opposing team WILL choose to clog up the paint in order to protect the rim and let Bron/Wade go for contested J's. That's the problem with both of them not being great shooters. is the painted area will be clogged up and they will pass it up for an open J for the soft Bosh to hit. Too bad Bosh plays timid and doesn't really roll to the basket, so it's a team that lives on jump shots, and not even 3 point shots.

they get to the paint a lot easier in the open court. not so much in the half court setting, hence why they struggle in the 4th.

and no, Lebron is still capable to do just about anything he wanted to last year or 2 years ago, it's just on a different team and still trying to figure out his role.
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