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Default 2011 NBA Draft

So the current picks the Jazz have if they don't win the lottery are #6 and #14. Over at RealGM they have the Jazz picking Jan Vesely at #6 and Alec Burks at #14. DraftExpress also has Burks at #14, but has Derrick Williams at #6. I like the sound of Vesely, athletic, can play 3/4 and hopefully a guy like Hornacek can help him with his shooting. Even if the NJ pick slips back into the 8-10 pick range he's a guy that can still be available around that mark it seems. Don't think Williams is a good fit as they don't really need another PF in the rotation. Or maybe they can try moving up a couple of spots and grabbing Harrison Barnes?

So what's everyone else's opinion on who the Jazz should pick?
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