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Default Re: Who is the franchise player for the Kings/Royals?

Not saying he is the franchise's best player/future, but Marcus Thornton is in his sophmore year and since joining the Kings is averaging:

22.2 PPG
2.9 APG
3.4 RPG (down from 5.3 RPG on the year)
1.8 SPG
.476 FG
.424 3PT

He's just 23. I hope he keeps this up.

Reke is one of the most fun to watch players in the league (when healthy) and one of my favorites. He's playing on a team with a great wing scorer now and a solid inside presence now. If Reke learns to distribute the ball better and if they keep this core, this team will be a good in a few years.

Cousins has gotta keep working, developing and he needs to stop getting into trouble. He's a great player already and with the right coachin, training, he can be a beast in a few years.

Cousins, Reke and Thornton all have a shot at being 'the man' for this team.. it really depends on what style (system) they are going to play.
I would like to see Reke becoming the man, but he'll have to learn to play PG and pass, especially since he is so great on the drive. The team already has a great wing scorer in Thornton, Evans should focus on different aspects of the game. It will be best for this team and he will become their franchise player if he does this.
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