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Default Re: If Melo had waited until FA..

This is the wrong way to come on the Knicks board, Nets fan.

It reeks of trolling, not a good look.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
I don't think so, honestly the Knicks are terrible, like the Heat they brought in the wrong group of people, it's embarassing watching the opposing team score on every possesion, the knicks are terrible, no way in the next decade the Knicks can win built laregly on Carmelo and Amare.
Stars win championships, plain and simple.

Other than the Piston's a few years back, no team has won it all without superstars being on the team.

Sorry Dude the formula is correct.

Miami will get it together, so will we.

Keep in mind players will want to play with both squads.

Good luck with your recruiting.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
The Nets are doing it right, They bring in a top 2 pg, and a top 3 center, which are the best positions to fill in the NBA.

They are doing the same thing the Knicks have done.

They are trying to bring in star players.

And don't forget, if you guys don't load up your team, how do you even know Deron will stay?

You don't, you took a huge risk, hopefully he doesn't bail, otherwise you guys will continue to look like trash.

But don't act like you guys are in that good shape.

When your starting Center only gets 6 boards a game I seriously doubt that is top 3 worthy.

Dwight, Bogut, Bynum, Marc Gasol, Jordan, McGhee, Chandler, Horford, Gortat, Nene all say "HELLO".

And I will say this with conviction.....

NO team has won it all with their best player being the pg, since Isiah Thomas, over 20 years.

I seriously doubt the record gets broke anytime soon.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
The Knicks just bring in two superstars hoping that will lead them to winning. 6th place, barely above 500 is sad, and I don't expect it to get better. Sorry just a lot of cross river hate.

Keep in mind this is not the finished product by any stretch.

The team hasn't regressed at all.

We were six before the trade, and sixth now.

No way a Nets fan can claim that is sad.

It's sad when we help sell out your own building, that's sad.

Meanwhile the Nets will be turning off he lights in their arena in less than a month.

You guys feel free to borrow our dog shows, if you want something to watch in May.

For future reference, when you come in here, don't come as a troll.

We have posters from all teams coming and they are welcome, when they add to our great board.

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