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Default Re: the reason for bulls success?

Originally Posted by Micku
There are a lot of reasons why the Bulls are succeeding.

1. Coaching

Thib is proving to be a good coach. Compare his offense to Vinny Del Negro (former coach, now on clippers) offense, and you'll find that Thib has a lot more movement. You'll also some similar plays that the Celts use in the Bulls new system. But the real and greatest change is the defense. Thib was very essential to the defense along with Rivers. He brought the idea of defense to the Bulls which helped a lot. The Bulls have better team defense now.

With Bulls having a lot of young guys, and people who can rebound and hustle, Thib has a lot he could do with the group.

2. The new and improved players

Thib also got a little lucky because he has a great collection of players to work with if healthy. Deng and Rose both improved from last season. Deng can shoot anywhere on the floor and is becoming a very good overall player. Rose can also shoot anywhere from the floor now. And Thib also has Boozer, who is a very good post player. Noah who is a very good hustle player. Korver who is a very good outside shooter. Gibson is also very good and the other bench players. They have a very good cast and all of their skills complement each other. All they really need is a better sg, but they could possibly get away with that.

3. D.Rose

The offense runs through this guy. While he is shooting is not 47+%, you can see the impact that he has. He drives to tear down the D, and he could shoot from anywhere.

The Bulls have a very good frontline, a very good pg, chemistry, and they have one of the best defense in the league.

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