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Default Re: If Melo had waited until FA..

Originally Posted by franchize
You can say what you want about the Nuggets but they are at their peak right now and still middle of the road in the West.I commend them for winning games w/o Melo but these are regular season games and the only Elite team they beat was Boston who was clearly out of sorts because Perkins got traded.How dare you ridicule us because we got the superstars who YOUR TEAM WANTED.Melo woulda been a Net way back in December if yall didnt suck so much.I admit the Knicks have a lot of improving to od but last time I check your Nets were the worst team in the league last year and stink this year as well.Your best player may ditch your team and play for us.Yall have no draft picks.You lost your lottery rookie and the guy you got back is an argument with the coahc away from being a Knick.Also,everyone with these BS rants about buyer's remorse are forgetting that half our roster is expirers and we will still have cap space to get more players.Essentially we are a shell of who we will be in a year or two. Chris Paul and DWill will be rumoroed to be coming here starting this summer.Who is going to NJ or Denver...NOBODY! Not only that,Denver may not even be able to re-sign JR Smith who is a free agent!Take that crap back across the river.NJ is NY's trash site...literally!

Harsh,but true
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