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Default Re: Interesting translated article, with Nicolas Batum


Private life
Brandon is very discrete. We know his wife and Brandon Jr., who is two. For the rest, not a word. We don't go have dinner at his place. I find it normal. We have lots of young single guys in the team and he's married pretty early. At 25 years old, he already has a full family life. I think that's also why he's already so mature. He doesn't have a "show off" side, no bling, like some. He keeps his head on his shoulders.

Brandon often wears red. I've deduced that it's his favorite color. Red jackets, red shirts, big red hoodies... You can't miss it! At the same time, it's also the color of the Trail Blazers. Maybe that explains it. I'm not going to hesitate to tell him about it because personally, I hate red clothes... (laughs).

Something annoying about him?
It's something related only to basketball... He penetrates, drives to his left and dunks with his left hand when he's right handed. Look at his game: 70% of the time, he drives to the left even though he shoots with his right hand. If he really wants to dunk it, he goes with his right hand, but on the fast-break, he drives to his left. We asked him why and he doesn't have an answer. He says that it's natural, that it's always been like that... At the same time, it's pretty disruptive for the opponent. It's one of those things that makes him so good.

The anecdote
I found it a bit odd that he was hurt when his daughter Maria was born... During that week, he didn't play! The doting father at home... I thought it was a funny coincidence. What's more, we had big games against Boston, New Orleans, the Lakers, and Detroit. The day his baby was born, we beat Boston at home. He prepared a party for us in the locker room to celebrate that arrival of Maria, it was really nice.

What else?
Brandon is always the last to show up when we meet. Along with Travis, you get the impression that it's a contest... We're meeting at 2:45? Brandon turns up at 3:00 without a problem. Always late. Yet another "star" thing...
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