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Originally Posted by Targus™
nothing to really explain here, we shot horrible they shot great, we played bad they played good. Mike i'm tired of defending this guy something is wrong with him, 3 for 8...Kevin Martin was due for a game like this. Ron Artest had a terrible shooting night after playing like a superstar in Houston, i can see how though...his back is not right, and it really tightens up in back-to-back games where he logs huge minutes. he just didnt have any left in the tank for tonight. shareef 6 points in 30 minutes yuck, S.A.R has been disappointing me the entire season and even since we signed him, he's really inconsistent. so the nice winning streak we had going just a few days ago is now officially nothing. i hate you, musselman.

You pretty much described this train wreck of a game.
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