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Default Re: Nets are close to shutting down D-Will?

Billy King is flying to Washington Saturday to discuss several possible scenarios on Deron Williams' future, including shutting down their star player for the season... starting with Sunday afternoon's game vs. the Wizards.

"Our options include Deron continuing to play and we just continue to treat him," Avery Johnson said during a conference call with the Nets' beat writers. "Other options may include just resting him for tomorrow’s game and maybe Monday or maybe shutting him down for 3 to five days and seeing if his wrist calms down a little bit."

Williams admits the continuing issue with his wrist is sapping his confidence although he still wants to play.

As a result, Johnson said the team will have to convince Williams to sit. "We want to let him know that even though we made this big trade for him we care about him and his well being more than we care about anything else right now," Johnson said. "We’re going to try and relay that message to him so that he won’t feel as pressured to go out there and not be anywhere close to 100 percent."
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