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Default Re: Favorite PA Announcers

Sussman also works the press conferences and is pretty much the voice of the Nets. I'm completely fine with that, but I'd prefer that he didn't announce the games.

I found out that the Nets' former PA announcer was Rick Zolzer, he worked from 01-04 (the Nets' best years).

This is him: (go to 5:15)

He's not bad. He's definitely better than Sussman.

These are the Celtics intros:

Now THOSE are intros. They give me chills every time.

When the Nets move to Brooklyn, I would really like them to completely change their soundtrack and everything. Maybe use a classic song in their intros.

The Bulls used U2's Where the Streets Have No Name as a tribute when Kirk Hinrich returned to United Center. I love that song and it really gets me pumped. I think it would be perfect for the soundtrack right before the players are introduced. Just my opinion.

This is Bulls' tribute to Hinrich:

Whatever the Nets do, they have to do better than what they have now. I know this is all minor stuff and having a better team will attract people more than anything, but the Nets have to present themselves better too. This is all about making Brooklyn welcome the Nets.

Perception is reality, sometimes you have to doll yourself up a bit to get noticed. And now they have a billionaire owner, so really what's the holdup? Get a good PA announcer and better presentation.

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