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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Melo got shots only in the 1st quarter.
They gave him ball in the last few minutes even he didn't shoot it almost whole games and they expect he will shoot 10-15 and win the game for them.

Common,he isn't a God.

Melo could score 30-40 every night but D'Antoni always sits him when he is hot and leaves him in when he is cold
How many times did he scored like 10-15 points in the first quarter and played only 2 minutes in the 4th ? Too many.

And MD'A routinely sits him for a looooooooooong time in the 2nd quarter.
Coach's substitution pattern a late game plays he draws up are a little confusing also. I know he's monitoring everyones mpg, but if someone's in the zone, ride them until it doesn't work anymore.
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