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Default How to get Brooklyn to welcome the Nets

Before reading this post, you might want to check the pa announcer thread. One of the things that I believe the Nets need to invest some time and money into is presenting themselves better. I feel like no matter how much the team wins, the Nets will be viewed the same way if such changes aren't made.

Which leads to my second point:

This was DWill's home debut:

I mean, how unbelievably pathetic was that? I'm not trying to be offensive towards anyone, so please, if you were at the game or live in New Jersey, don't take it personally. I'm just being real. I already knew the Nets don't have a good crowd/fanbase, but I had no idea it was that bad. I've never seen so many disinterested people together at once. The Nets made one of the biggest franchise moves, and this is the response?

I was watching a Warriors home game on TNT a few days ago, and that team has made the playoffs once in the last ~15 years, and the crowd is still raucous. Again, this is a team that is going nowhere with one of the best crowds. Another example would be the Cavs, look at their crowd.

Watching the clip above made me realize that changes off the court need to made as well. If Prokhorov dreams of making the Nets a global icon and "turning Knicks fans into Nets fans" he needs to address these things.

It's not just wins and losses anymore. The Nets need an identity, and starting with a clean slate in Brooklyn is the right move, but they have to carry some aura with them, too, and force people to turn their heads. All the great teams/championship teams have this, let alone global icons.

What do you guys think?

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