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Default Re: Demar Derozan's 2nd dunk in the contest...

It's because he's not a good playmaker, rebounder or 3 point shooter for the position. I hope he can develop those areas of his game to go along with the rest of his abilities to become a serviceable starting SG in the near future.

I think the Desmond Mason comparison is pretty accurate so far though. Desmond's best career season;

36 MIN
17.2 PGG (44%/12%/80%)
3.9 RPG
2.7 APG
0.7 SPG
0.3 BPG

Demar this season;

34.5 MPG
16.6 PPG (47%/8%/80%)
3.6 RPG
1.8 APG
.9 SPG
.4 BPG

Both of their stats are pretty comparable. Decent amount of scoring on decent FG%, extremely poor 3FG%, and barely anything from other stats like rebounding, assists, steals and blocks.

Those numbers scream bench player so far to me (Same with Bargnani), but he still has time to prove me wrong (Unlike Bargnani).
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