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Default Re: Insanity vs P90X for Basketball?

You seriously don't need to lose weight. What would benefit you a lot is to get in the gym and work on your strength. You can gain some muscle, keep the same weight or go up a few pounds, and lose fat. I am assuming here you are a strength training beginner (am I right?).

This will all translate positively to your game. You add in some explosive work in addition to your strength training and you'll find yourself running faster and jumping higher even.

e.g. Start of with a strength training program like starting strength. You'll get much stronger in a few months. The program incorporate power cleans which will help you with translating that strength into explosiveness. If power cleans are hard to learn, you can switch them with some jump squats for similar benefits. After a while, you can add some plyometric or specific speed work.

The same concepts that apply to improving your vertical jump will also apply to your general game when it comes to athleticism IMO. Check out this guide to improve vertical jump for more details.
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