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Default Re: Jimmer video. Ive watched him a bit this year and I cant decide on a prediction.

Originally Posted by kabalcage
Jimmer reminds me a lot of Gilbert Arenas in that he uses his body well to finish against bigger bodies and randomly chucks up deep threes. He also posses a very good handle and has pretty good court vision, the kid doesn't make many mistakes.

I'm not worried about his ability to stick in the league; if Juan Carlos Navarro can stick, then I'm sure a more talented player can stick as well. The big red flags are that he's old (22) and white which will definitely hurt his draft stock. Since the draft class is so poor, I'm 100% sure he'll be drafted in the first round. I'd peg him in the late lottery where he invariably lands onto the Utah Jazz.

His ceiling is a sixth man and his floor is a journeyman.

I'm sorry but what makes you think he is more talented than Juan Carlos Navarro.
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