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Default Re: Jimmer video. Ive watched him a bit this year and I cant decide on a prediction.

Originally Posted by Burgz
honestly this reminds me of when jameer nelson was coming out of college, how good he was in the college game and all the national player of the year awards and everything

as a player he's different but i can see the same scenario where he's projected to go lottery or mid 1st round and slides into the 20s

not a strong draft though so it might just come down to team needs, ill wait for the lottery to make any predictions
Jameer is much more of a natural point guard. I really don't see Fredette being a starting point guard in the NBA. In fact, I think the closer comparison on that St. Joes team would be Delonte West. Jimmer is sort of a shorter Delonte with a little better jumper and worse shot selection.
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