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Default Re: Anybody watch Barack's speech from Saturday?

Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
If Obama is the guy who supports and backs the issues that are most important to you then by all means vote for him. But don't pull the wool over your eyes, and jocking some guy so hard that would make a Kobe groopie envious. Obama has already lied to the people of Illinois over and over again by promising that he would stick with them for all 6 years(he and Nick Saban must have gone to the same school of promises ), he has also lied or at the very least been dishonest about his alleged deep Christian roots and his father's wealth, and background.

Obama is no different than any other politician in terms of BS and "telling it like it is".
For a "Cavs Fan" you sure never post about them, all 85 of your posts are directed towards me regarding politics, why?

Do you have any evidence that back your accusations of him lying to the people? He has never lied about his background, unless you watch Fox News which tried to produce a fake story claiming Obama was a terrorist... Is that what you were referring to?
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