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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Why no anti-amare thread then.Melo plays WAY better D than Stat.I havent seen Amare try to guard any teams premier player.Were you saying "no to Amare" too? Im not saying Melo is a good defender.Im saying he isn't our worst and when guys like Tyler Hansbrough and Kevin Love was destroying us,it has nothing to do with Melo.Thats on our other superstar.

As for us tanking two seasons.We did not HAVE to do that.Most of Isaiah's players would have expired by now.Walsh didnt even try to put a competitive team on the court.He pretty much told NY fans wait and see.We didnt get LeBron.He knew he blew it.So now I was supposed to be content with Gallinari and Chandler (who is a FA this summer)?Hell no.Bottom line is,our coach sucks.He sucks now with Melo.He sucked when we had Gallo Mozgov Chandler and Felton.I dont get why Walsh and D'Antoni get passes but the guy who just got here gets the blame.I dont recall us having a gr8 record before the trade nor do I remember us ever playing.Im just so tired of NY fans being ungrateful everytime we get someone and running them out of town.I played HS basketball too and I was offered a college scholarship.I know that a bunch of role players arent going to win you anything but a season of moral victories.

What does it matter if Melo doesnt talk to the media? Big Deal.You know what talkin to the media got Pat? It got him shipped out before his time and the media was calling him a monkey and all types of slurs.They also ripped him every chance they got especially for missing that shot vs Indiana.Never mind the fact that he's arguably the greatest Knicks of all time.

Im so sick of some of my fellow NY Knicks fans.We run every star player out of town with our nitpicking and complaining.Never mind that we historically have role players who are glorified bums every year that get PRAISED in the media. Charles Oakley,Jared Jeffries (twice),Charlie Ward,Herb Williams (both as a player and a coach),Chris Duhon and the list goes on and on. Yet we get a guy who's top 5 in scoring and we make him out to be a villian.We had a pg who was pretty much getting the same numbers Derrick Rose is now and we wouldnt even allow him to play.We had a top 10 all time center and treated him like he was some 12th man scrub.

Creating a blog singularly focused on one guy simply shows you vilified him from jump and you're not the only one.You want Gallo back fine.You love Mozgov be Nuggets fans because personally,I'm tired of seeing mediocrity on the floor and the NY media and commentators blowing smoke up my ass tryna convince me that I should wait around for guys who haven't proved anything when they aren't even the best players on their team.End of the day,Gallo was 4th on the team in scoring.Chandler was underutilized,Felton was irratic and Mozgov had more DNP-coaches decisions than he had good games.I'll pass.gimme the players who can change a game on and off the court.Gimme the players who will attract other talented FAs to sign here.I dont see anyone bangin the doors down to play with Raymond Felton or Timofey Mozgov.

Why not point the finger at the guy who's been bad for years?Mike D'Antoni! You wanna talk about talking to the media.How about the fact that Mike hasn't explained one thing about his defensive game plan since he's been here.How about D'Antoni can't even teach his players defensive principles on what to do on pick and rolls.How about we've given up the 2nd most points in the league since he's been here?But I guess we're supposed to wait for Mozgov and Felton to change that right?

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