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Default Re: Nets are close to shutting down D-Will?

Originally Posted by gigantes
imagine nabbing the #1 pure PG in the NBA, persuading him to re-sign during the offseason, and then having a shell of that player for the rest of his contract period... because you foolishly allowed him to play through a key injury.

i keep coming back to grant hill, because it was painful to see a superstar player destroy himself for exactly the same reason... back in that playoff series when he was with the pistons. 1999-2000, or something like that.

Exactly, and we're not playing for anything. I mean I like the competitive spirit by Deron, but this is just stupid. Nothing can be gained by playing him this season. We won't even have some guys on this roster next season.

I know that management is bending the rules to cater Deron, but this is where you put the foot down. We made the trade for the future, not for this season.
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