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Default Re: Anybody watch Barack's speech from Saturday?

Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
??? I think I have gone back and forth with you maybe a couple of times before this, and I believe you engaged me first.

Terrorist? I don't know of any news media group that has claimed that Obama was a terrorist. I'd love to hear about that story though if you have a link. Hillary(and even liberal NPR) has tried to dig up more dirt on Obama than anyone. In any case I was referring to Obama saying his father was a poor "goat herder" in Africa when in fact he was a wealthy farmer and the fact that he has deep Christian roots when his father was a Muslim and his mother a flower child atheist. If these are not outright lies, then they are at least an extreme stretching of the truth, which qualifies as BS. And there is plenty of evidence that he did lie to the people of Illinois about promising them he would stay keep his Senate seat all six years if elected. He said it publicly and he said it often. He was looking into the camera and promising he would fill his post up until about a year ago, when in fact he was just using the Illinois senate seat as a stepping stone. Like I said, see Nick Saban.

It's no big deal, he's just a typical politician. It is funny to see his apologists act like he's not though.

Actually, Obama's father was a non-practicing Muslim. And if I recall, he grew up with his mother, not his father. He attended a madrassa (the school in particular was fairly secular) and also a Catholic school.

Frankly, I'd have to see the cold hard facts about Obama before I'd believe the smears against him. And by the way, what evidence do you have that Hillary tried to dig up dirt on Obama? That's right wing spin, man. Where did all the madrassa talk start? On right-wing radio. In right-wing circles. On far right-wing publications. Only a couple weeks after did the news start coming out, "Oh, it must be that Hillary. She's already going after Obama!"

The media has perpetuated this myth that Hillary is this cold, calculating, shrill woman. Frankly, I don't see it. I might not like her, but the image the media has built for her has nothing to do with it.
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