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Default Re: If Melo had waited until FA..

Originally Posted by lebob23
IDK google images


Heres what should have happened:

Lee 4 yrs 36m
amare 4 yrs 50m
felton 3 yrs 36m

then this summer:

melo 4 yrs 50m
chandler 4 yrs 50m

and hopefully marc gasol for another 5 yrs ~50m

Stupid players dont understand that if they win they instantly make much more money , and even if they blow it all a player with 3 championships can make money after his career is over

bottom line kept their core of young talent and added pieces

the knicks want everyone, and even when they have two superstars they look back and ask for more. that's the funny thing about the knicks. quite sad actually.
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