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Walsh,you mean to tell me you can't cut Andy Rautins or Jared Jeffries to bring him in?I mean seriously,Turiaf had more points last night than Jeffries has gotten pretty much since he's been here.We also got no production from our bench last night.NONE! We need to bring in someone who can play.Damn bringing in these guys because they take a charge here and there.Luther Head got cut,why not bring him in as a spark off the bench.I never thought I'd say this but I wouldnt mind having Nate Robinson back.We need guys liek that to spark our offense when we're having lulls and to be inspirational.Amare's a cool dude.Melo's a cool dude.Billups is a cool guy.Fields is kinda reserved.Jeffries is timid.Williams is kinda quiet.Everyone except for Turiaf and maybe Bill Walker is laid back.We need someone with some fire in the locker room.
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