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Default Re: Triano & Terry Fox

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I like Jay Triano. He seems like a good guy and I appreciate what he did with the Canada basketball team all those years.

As frustrating it is watching some of his lineup decisions, he's just doing what is going to prolong his employment status as a head coach. You can't blame him for that. I hate that Reggie Evans is playing so much but that wouldn't be an issue if the GM simply bought him out and Triano would have no other option that to play guys like Davis and Dorsey. He's just doing the bidding of Colangelo because otherwise, you can be like Sam Mitchell where one bad loss and not playing the franchise golden boy will get you canned.

I like Triano too, and while I don't agree with all of his decisions on the court, I can't help but feel he's got a bit of a raw deal in terms of situation since he's been coach:

Year 1: Taking over a team mid-season, attempting to change systems
Year 2: Being handed the Ghost of Hedo Turkoglu from the GM, then having to deal with Bosh with kid gloves in a contract year and then Bosh checking out mentally after the ASG.
Year 3: Self-explanatory

I just don't see how anyone is set up to succeed in any of those circumstances. You'd like a coach to be able to handle of those situations with aplomb, but realistically its not easy. I don't think he's the best coach in the world, but I also don't think he's been placed in any sort of position to succeed. I honestly don't know what that means in terms of an extension or firing.

Agree with the handling of Bargnani... wile I think he could be harder on the guy and sit him, I just don't think that Bargnani cares. He just doesn't seem to have that internal motor or desire and I think he'd just handle a benching the same way he handles help defense: with relative indifference.
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