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Default Re: Triano & Terry Fox

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Agree with the handling of Bargnani... wile I think he could be harder on the guy and sit him, I just don't think that Bargnani cares. He just doesn't seem to have that internal motor or desire and I think he'd just handle a benching the same way he handles help defense: with relative indifference.

I remember that when he was drafted the organisation was making a fuss of psychological testing that showed that Bargnani was remarkably consistent, feeling and performing the same in any situation. They took that to mean that he was cool under pressure, that he'd have ice-water in his veins in crunch time. What it actually seems to have indicated is that no matter what the situation, no matter how important a moment, Bargnani just doesn't give a shit. I think Triano should have been fired long ago, but with Bargnani all he and Mitchell have done is try to motivate the unmotivatable.
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