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Originally Posted by DeronMillsap
I'll be fine with Harris as the future PG if Hayward can start shooting well. Or if we can get better SG/SF scorers this offseason.

There aren't too many D-Will's and Chris Paul's PGs in the league who can score and distribute at a high level so Harris is probably one of the better mid-tier PGs in the league. He'll be fine if he can just distribute the offense and play defense.

Jimmer wouldn't be a bad pick though because of his shooting/scoring range. He'll already be an upgrade to Watson and Price, neither current PGs can shoot or score.

Would rather pick him with our second 1st-round though if he's still on the board.
Harris would be OK if he can play to his full potential, but I don't know if he'll do that or not. I don't expect them to get another top tier PG ala Deron or CP, Harris just frustrates me sometimes because he plays so fast that he sometimes makes careless turnovers from it.

Agree with taking Jimmer with the 2nd 1st rounder also. It'll probably be in the 14-16 range, so he may be around then still (I've seen him projected from the 10-16 range). Depends on other teams needs I guess. From the sounds of him he sounds like a Jazz player in terms of his attitude and the way he goes about playing the game. I wouldn't mind them keeping Watson as the 3rd PG if they draft Jimmer.
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