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Default Re: What did you expect to happen?

Originally Posted by franchize
My question now is How are Melo and Amare not franchise players?They are two of the best players not only at their positions but in the league.You could argue that Amare is the best pf in the league and you could argue that Melo is the 2nd or 3rd best SF.Both are arguably top 10 players in the league.
Via Wackipeedea
In professional sports, a franchise player is an athlete who is not simply the best player on their team, but a player that the team can build their "franchise" (team) around for the foreseeable future. The misunderstanding that a franchise player is only "the best player on a team" disregards the fact that an inordinately bad team will undoubtedly still employ a player with superior skills, relative to his team. However, such a player could be so bad in comparison to players at large that labeling such a player a franchise player would be inappropriate. It is an elite status, but it is not necessarily a singular position
The Knicks have 2 Franchise players (according to you) but are a terrible team then that means they arent really Franchise players. Franchise players can carry a bad team to victory and bring the other players along for the ride. Their are franchise players that just have absolutely no talent around them so they dont win but are probably ultracompetitive. If the Knicks have 2 then there arent any excuses.
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