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Default Re: What did you expect to happen?

Originally Posted by Rameek
Nope you missed the point.
Dude that quote had no point, it contradicted itself.

It associates a franchise player with winning, yet calls that same player on a bad team not a franchise player.

Bottom line we have two franchise players.

Amare' can be built around.

Amare needs a post defender who camps out down low to do what Amar'e refuses to do.

Melo is a franchise player as well and can be built around.

He is a scorer and needs to have quality playmakers around him, so he can operate.

But another facet that is being shown in his game is he can evolve into the point forward and if the coach would let him do it, we would see positive results.

The Knicks might have been scoreless in the fourth had it not been for Melo's decision making on offense.

Based on that Wiki definition you posted, Patrick Ewing wasn't a franchise player.
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