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Originally Posted by earlofupstate
Isn't he begging to be fired? Or is it just me?

That's what I'm saying.It's almost like he's daring Walsh and Walsh seems scared.It's like he has a juicy secret about Walsh or something.I mean seriously. How do you have a need at center.The GM has not only a CLEAR upgrade but a extremely cheap solution and you shut it down and tell the GM and President don't bother because he's not going to get playign time.I'm convinced both Mike AND Walsh need to go.Walsh is so loyal to Mike that he's become blind.Nobody in their right minds (other than knickscity ) honestly believes Jared Jeffries is a starting Center in this league.He wouldn't even be a good Center in college.He SUCKS! As unskilled as Ronny is and as insignificant as Barron's career has been,if you can't see that they are WAY better than Jared Jeffries,you don't know basketball.PERIOD.Not being able to stop Dwight Howard or even get in his way is the ONLY reason we lost that game last night.Not Jameer Nelson.Not Amare being off all night.Not Chauncey's poor shot selection.It was because we couldn't even slow Dwight down.Im not expecting us to stop him.Not many ppl can.He's the best center in the league BUT we didn't even put up any resistance.It was a mismatch all night long.All they had to do is dump it down to Dwight and spread the court.I can't even be mad at the players.It's like putting me on him.You cannot continue to expect a SF to guard a Center or PF.Especially when he's not even strong for a SF.
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