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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

If they could move Harris for a SG/SF type or a legit C

Why not a PF? Can never have enough of those apparently.

(I'm sure the Warriors would be more then willing to deal Andris Biedrins)

But they already have a backcourt. Maybe For Jefferson or Okur?

and then draft Fredettre with the Jazz's own 1st rounder then that'd be OK i guess.

Jimmer starting at a new position right out of school?

I'll be fine with Harris as the future PG if Hayward can start shooting well.

He is.

There aren't too many D-Will's and Chris Paul's PGs in the league who can score and distribute at a high level

And they still dealt him to the 2nd offer on the table. Really blows the mind.

so Harris is probably one of the better mid-tier PGs in the league

Plenty of competition there. Very debatable. He might be ok if they get some stars elsewhere somehow.

He'll be fine if he can just distribute the offense and play defense.

He's not much of a distributer though.

Jimmer wouldn't be a bad pick though because of his shooting/scoring range. He'll already be an upgrade to Watson and Price, neither current PGs can shoot or score.

But Watson is a veteran and actually a pg. Hard not to upgrade on Price. Hard to believe they've had him so long and he's played as big of a role as he has.

Harris would be OK if he can play to his full potential, but I don't know if he'll do that or not.

Wouldn't expect it. Appears he picked a couple years ago.

I don't expect them to get another top tier PG ala Deron or CP

Never expected them to get someone of Deron's caliber to replace John either.

Harris just frustrates me sometimes because he plays so fast that he sometimes makes careless turnovers from it.

Put a team around him to play fast and a coach to let them play that way.

Agree with taking Jimmer with the 2nd 1st rounder also. It'll probably be in the 14-16 range

15 or 16 would mean the Jazz made the playoffs. LOL!

so he may be around then still (I've seen him projected from the 10-16 range).

I saw him top 10.

I wouldn't mind them keeping Watson as the 3rd PG if they draft Jimmer.

Watson might still be the 2nd pg. He would want to go elsewhere if he wasn't. Could bring in Mike James. He wanted the job last year.

He's better as a combo guy off the bench.

Too bad he's making 10 mil a year and ya just gave up one of the best players in the league to get him.

No doubt he can produce though. If you have a point forward type like an Evan Turner or something then you can get away with it easier.

What has Turner done other than be a big disappointment. AK can handle the ball as can Miles and Bell.

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