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Originally Posted by knickscity
Sorry I do blame Amare and D'antoni for the loss last nite.

1) Amare truly hates it when Melo is facilitating, even though most of his dimes can to Stat.

2)He wasn't aggressive at all, everytime Melo drove he got fouled.

Amare hardly went into the paint at all.

He claimed he was tired, but didn't look so tired when he was getting Melo feeds for dunks in the fourth.

Even the commentators were complaining that he wasn't getting back of defense.

He had only 1 damn foul til the fourth, he could have been aggressive, but chose not.

A coach allowing that is a disgrace.

And yep, I like Jeffries on the team.

Didn't say he should start, but every team needs a Jeffries.

Yeah I said it.

we needed anthony randolph
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