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Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
But they already have a backcourt. Maybe For Jefferson or Okur?

But Watson is a veteran and actually a pg. Hard not to upgrade on Price. Hard to believe they've had him so long and he's played as big of a role as he has.

15 or 16 would mean the Jazz made the playoffs. LOL!

I saw him top 10.
Doubt they'd want Okur, but Jefferson might be appealing to them. Straight swap is way out of favour for the Jazz though, Biendrins has been playing like dogshit lately.

Price was talking about wanting to stay, so if he signs cheap I imagine they may keep him. If they did draft Jimmer, then you can still play Watson a bit off the bench and have Jimmer swap between the backup 1/2 positions.

True, I still hold out a 0.0001% chance that the Jazz will make the playoffs, but now they lost to NO i'd put it at about a 0%

I usually read DraftExpress, which now has him at #17 to the Knicks.
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