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Default Re: Triano & Terry Fox

Originally Posted by Toni
Registered nurse. Going for Nurse Practitioner. Taking the slow route to become a physician like you bada bing.

when i was in miami i worked with a few nurse practitioners/Physician assistants during my family medicine rotation. Definitely learned a lot more from them then my attendee. Ever looked into a PA? not sure if they have PA's up there in canada but here in teh states its becoming very popular.

in regards to you mentioning about heme/onc as a specialty, its a tough one. Not because of the workload but because of what you get to see everyday. Thats one reason why i just dont see myself get into that sub-specialty. After a while its gonna take a toll on your mental health.

Nephro or cardio is it for me.....will find out next year where I match....fingers crossed!!
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