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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

The Derrick Williams hype is flying now. I'm glad, he was my favorite prospect all year. He'd be a great fit in NJ or Washington.

I think the first 4 picks right now look like Kyrie, Sullinger, Williams and Jones.

A guy that has really helped his stock this tournament in Brandon Knight. He had that great game, and then a terrible game but came up big in crunch time. If he can have another good game tonight his stock will be very high, with some favoring him over Kemba due to size.

I'm disappointed by Kawhi Leonard. I don't know what I was expecting. He didn't have a terrible tournament, but he didn't do anything special either. I hope he goes back to school as he needs to learn how to shoot. That way he can play for a run and gun team and be a poor man's Marion. I think I had some blinders on.

I think you're right about Faried. I love Faried, to be honest I had never seen him play before this tournament. I think I like all players that remind me of Predator when they play... He could be rising too, especially if more players decide to go back to school (like Hamilton and Thompson from UT).

I think people will be disappointed if they pass on him. It seems too obvious he'll be a productive player. No reason he can't have at least Dejuan Blair's impact in this league with more defense.
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