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Default Re: Fact or Fiction: Knicks will step up defensively in the playoffs

If the Knicks want to play well in the play-offs alot has to happen. First of all, they need to be alot more unselfish. Winning teams win because they give up the ball if a player has an open look instead of always trying to create space for a shot. The Celtics are a prime example of unselfish basketball. Their whole roster from top to bottom is willing to do what ever it takes to win, even if it means taking a dip in some stats.

Another aspect of the game that the Knicks need to improve is shot quality. This team has taken way to many bad shots over these last 17 games and it's really hurting our chances of winning. The offense looks out of sync and strait-up horrible at times. That's pathetic for a team with 2 of the most polished scorers in the league and one of the better offensive coaches in the NBA. Personally I believe it's been the lack of practice time and the time that this group has played together. The longest tenured Knick right now is Toney Douglas . I expect the offense to be much better next year if the players stay commited and have a good training camp but I'm doubting the fact that they could get it together before the play-offs.

Lastly, the Knicks need to be more commited to the defensive part of the game if they want to win championships. Communication and match-ups are key to successful defense. Players need to know when to switch so that we can match-up better with what ever the other teams come at us with. I have seen to many times where a player has called a switch and a player hasnt switched, leaving a guy with an easy open shot. I doubt D'Antoni will ever get this team together defensivly, so he either has to go or the Knicks need to bring in an assistant coach who specializes on defense.

Knickscity I completely disagree that having all the star players is the key to winning. Teams need effecive gameplans on the offensive side which lead to good open looks and defensive stratagies that leave us with the best possible match-ups and keep men covered. Defense and Teamwork are the keys to success in the play-offs.

Prime example, the last Pistons championship team.

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