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Default Julian Wright Refuses to Enter Game

It got so bad for the Raptors, who trailed by as many as 47 points, that forward Julian Wright refused to be a part of the proceedings. Jay Triano, the Raptors head coach, said he asked Wright to go into the game at some point in the third quarter, only to watch Wright remain firmly seated on the visitors’ bench.

“I just went to the next guy,” said Triano. “I wasn’t going to ask him twice.”

Wright, in the end, was the only able-bodied Raptor on the active roster who did not play.

“I asked (Wright) to go in, and he didn’t go in,” Triano said. “I know he went to the washroom just before that. I don’t know if he wasn’t feeling well. I still haven’t talked to him.”

Wright, who left the locker-room in haste after the game, refused to answer a reporter’s questions about his non-performance.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Wright said. “Speculate on anything you want.”

One locker-room source speculated that Wright, whose playing time has been down of late, was upset that he was only being asked to enter the game after it had degenerated into an epic blowout

“Everybody knew (Wright) was mad on the bench,” said the source.

When you're Julian Wright, you don't get to dictate when you do and don't entre NBA basketball games. He should be happy he's in the NBA and not in the D-League.

By all rights, Raps should make a statement and show that the players aren't running the show, even in a bad year. They bent over for Hedo last year (we saw what that did), and if they do it for Julian Wright, they deserve less respect than they're getting throughout the league.
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