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Default Re: Fact or Fiction: Knicks will step up defensively in the playoffs

Originally Posted by knickscity
Bano, how do you disagree with me when you can only point to one championship in 3 decades?

All the rest have had a star and most cases than none had multiple stars.

Lets not act Detroit was the norm. Not even close.

Defense and team play is essential, but no stars to take over, hardly no rings.

Don't get me wrong. Stars definetly make winning a championship easier but its very likely that 2 teams will meet in the play-offs that have stars.

Let's say the Heat and the Celtics meet in the play-offs. Who do you think would win? Both teams have big 3's.

I could guarentee the Celtics beat the Heat because of the fact that they are commited to a system and are unselfish. The difference between the Celtics big 3 and Miami's is that the Celtics are willing to give up stats to win. Miami is a team that plays ISO ball on offense. Their offense was so predictable that the Celtics learned how to play against it. As a result the Celtics had tremendous success against the Heat this season. Why couldn't the Heat do the same to the Celtics? They have 2 great defenders on their team don't they? It's because with the Celtics, the ball can go to anybody. Their offense is based on exploiting the mistakes of the defense. That's why teams have to be on their A game against the Celtics.

I don't know if you heard this story but at the All-Star game practice for the East this year Doc Rivers called Rondo, Allen, Garnett and Pierce to the court and made Bosh, Wade and Lebron watch as the Celtics ran each play in the Heats offensive play-book. That's the type of effort neededto have success in the play-offs. You could have all the stars you want but if all your stars want is to run ISOs so they can get their numbers each game then your not going to have much success against a commited team in the play-offs.
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