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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

i don't want to sound like a flip-flopper, but after watching the past few games without dwill, i change my mind. brook is to much of a liability on defense and he's way too soft, he gives opponents confidence against him.

i thought he changed, i really did, but he's right back to where he was. i realize that he mostly plays well against weak/short teams. but against the top teams, he folds like a chair. and i don't see him changing with age. a wimp is a wimp. against dwight, he looked like a girl. against horford, he let him school him all game and he accepted it like that was ok.

to build a championsip powerhouse, you cannot have a foundation of a center who plays like a girl against the top teams and against legit big men.

im sorry but brook is soft in every sense of the word. my 4 year old cousin has more fight than him.

we should go all out for dwight.
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