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Default Re: Fact or Fiction: Knicks will step up defensively in the playoffs

This team isn't capable of "stepping it up defensively". Chauncey's too old, Melo's too fat, Amar'e's too stupid, and everyone who played with any kind of effort is in Denver now, winning.

This team is poorly constructed and terribly managed. I can't wait until it implodes completely and all the principles involved are unceremoniously run out of town. I hope the franchise itself folds and stops tainting the Yankees by association. We Knicks fans are a bunch of chumps for thinking they would ever be contenders. And I mean ever. Ev. Er.

Contender. Winning. Superstars.

All right, a nightly dose of negativity to temporarily quell the stifling disappointment. I'm good now. I'm good. James Dolan dammit ****ing shit ass balls. All good.
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