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Default Re: Fact or Fiction: Knicks will step up defensively in the playoffs

Originally Posted by Bano114
I did read it but it looked like to me you were trying to say that having the stars is more valuable than having the team work.

How can this look like anything you were thinking.

It's in the same sentence. Look at the punctuations or something.

Bano this is exactly what I said.......
"The playoffs is having the best star players in the starting line-up, playing the most efficient basketball, along with role players holding their own."

Originally Posted by Bano114
I never said that you said team work wasn't important. What I'm saying is that having team work is more important than having the stars.

Team work isn't more important.

Just about every bottom feeder team has good "team work", care to explain why they can't win more?

Why is Miami the third seed? Think it's just because of "team work"?

Talent and teamwork go hand in hand.

Chances are you will not win without either.

History of the game has shown that.

Originally Posted by Bano114
Think about it. 6th seed before the Melo trade, 7th seed after.

You could just said this part, it would have indicated what your whole process has been the whole time.
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