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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

of course we keep lopez if we cannot get dwight, but as of right now, lopez is nowhere near untouchable.

a cornerstone in my books is a leader and a player who wills his team to win. lopez time and time again has shown us that he has neither quality. his skills are rare, but his flaws almost negate them. your center is your last line of defense. when your center has no presence, it's like your defensive foundation has no base. thats not championship basketball. no team in recent history has won with no defensive foundation.

let me also prove that this is not pure emotion on my part by showing you that brook had 0 rebounds last night. let me repeat: ZERO. i defended him throughout the rebounding issues, but it has gone too far. when you don't care about rebounding to that extent when you're our "cornerstone" center, thats a problem. that not only shows lack of toughness, but lack of interest. usually when your 7 foot and you're in the paint, the ball will fall into your hands. he's not even trying.
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