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Default Wow, Doug Smith blog was not everything pro-Toronto today

Some exerpts:

Yes, that was Julian Wright in uniform a night after refusing to go into a game when I thought a one-game suspension might have been in order.

But guess Bryan and Jay didnít take my advice. Again.

It would seem the incident is now done and forgotten and if thatís the worst thing that creeps into the public in a season thatís among the worst ever in franchise history, then I imagine theyíll be happy with that.

What do we make of Alexis Ajinca?
To me, heís got very little that this team needs. Yes, heís long and yes, he can extend defences with his shooting range but, really, on this roster as itís presently constructed, I donít think thereís a place for him in the future.

The cost to get him was negligible, in fact they did quite well by getting a second-round pick and the money to pay his salary for the rest of this year, but it was an experiment that really didnít do anything good.


Iíve got some.

Letís see.

You give up 84 points in one half on Friday and 94 in an entire game on Saturday? Gotta love of the mercurial nature of a team of mainly young Ďuns.

Nine games left.

Think we can all get through it?

This is without doubt the most trying part of the season, these last three weeks or so when itís hard for anyone to get truly excited about the games.

Oh, the players and coaches will be up for them and Ė for the most part Ė will play hard. Once the ballís up in the air the competitive juices take over but unlike, say, last year when the playoffs were a possibility right until the final couple of nights of the season, thereís no real buzz around anything.


Well, weíll count Ďem down nine to zero, get on with the news that weíll have to chase when itís all over Ė Is Bryan coming back? What about Jay? Whatís the date of the daft lottery? Ė but other than that, itís more about meeting contest winners and trying to make stories at least mildly entertaining.

Too bad.
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