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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
I don't prefer it, but I have seen how a dwight howard offense looks like. I watched the entire boston vs magic series, where even the commentators stated that the magic are doing the celtics a favor by giving dwight the ball rather then, vince or jameer, or whom ever. don't get me wrong having dwight howard doesn't make us a bad team. i just don't prefer giving up lopez who is several years younger, and nearly identical, stats wise. but if we can get them both on the nets that would be amazing. i can see a co-existence between them two.

I have the opposite feeling when I watch the Magic. I think Jameer is jacking up too many shots and not feeding Dwight enough. Dwight gets good shots not only for himself, but everyone around him. He's a fairly decent passer, and not as in finding open guys, but getting the ball reversed around so that shooters get their shots.

I don't think Brook and Dwight are good co-existing tandem unless you plan to turn Brook into purely a jump shooter which would be detrimental. The two of them are too big to co-exist in the paint and Brook isn't scrappy enough to get lose balls for put backs. I'm fine with Hump being our PF if we had Dwight. He's still willing to do the dirty work and if he develops a nice little jumper with consistency, he'd be fine.

I also don't like picking Brook just because he's 2-3 years younger. Dwight was a dominant force by his 3rd year in the league and the Magic were building around him. And he came out of high school. Brook is in his third year after being a sophomore in college and he hasn't look as good as Dwight. I don't know what you mean by identical stat wise because outside of FT%, Brook isn't better than Dwight at any statistic.

Also have to consider that Deron wants to win now, not win later. He doesn't want to be in his near 30s waiting for Brook to become better.

But all of this is moot. I don't see Dwight leaving ORL at all. He seems to be happy there and overall seems like a loyal guy.

If I have a wish for Brook next year (outside of rebounding), it's to learn some more post moves. He's going to his left shoulder too much and its becoming obvious that he wants to go that way. He needs to learn how to pivot both ways and to better hone that left hand jump hook.
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